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What is Content Glass? Content Glass is a State Oriented Sharing technology - meaning a technology that provide the tools and means for sharing content in association with defined state of things. 

"Things" include either virtual or physical things, and as long as it is possible to create some "code" that define the state of this "thing" Content Glass can be used as the core technology for sharing content in association with it.

Weg page is a thing, product is a thing, view is a thing, sound is a thing, heart beat rate is a thing, a word  is a things, location is a thing, place is a thing. All of these "things" can be represented some way or another. The representation is always referring to a "state"  of something (never comprising a whole). 

Content Glass is therefore a way for sharing information is association with states - State Oriented Sharing.

Imagine putting a plate of glass on top of your desk and being able to draw on the glass or put various objects on the glass. Your drawing on the glass, as well as the things you put on it are all "information" particles that can be experienced by any person that can see your desk. And this information is associated with specific state of your desk - the surface on which the glass was layered. 

Content Glass do exactly this! It provide the means for layering information in association with well defined state things. In content glass we refer as "Glass" to the software mechanism that allow sharing of information is association with state, we refer as "Widget" to the pieces of information and we refer as "Layer" to some "surface" that represent a state of something for which we associate the information. 

For example: Think of a web page as a desk. Content Glass can be used to create software that is running on webpage and provide layers for rendering widgets. Widgets are shared for example, in association with the URL (the web address) of the web page. And finally widgets are shared either publicly or with a defined group of peers. 

So any person with whom widget is shared (in the case on non public widget) can see the widget by visiting the same web page and identify with user credentials that approve this is the user referred in the peers-group.   

The widget that users see are not part of the underline website. The underline website is only the context for sharing. The widgets are part of Content Glass system and are presented by Glass using a Layer assigned for a web page URL (the URL is the state!).

The same concept is not limited to website. In fact you can apply the same concept on anything for which you can define! A definition of "Something" is a state that is used as the sharing context:

- Product code can be used to share widgets in association with products.

- Geolocation data can be used t share widgets in association with specific location.

- Code of a posted package can be used to share information about the package all across the supply chain.

- Braille code can be used to share voice data among blind persons.

- Physical state of a patient can be used to share guiding information among medical team members.

- A name of place can be used to share tourists' review.

- Spectrum of the sound of bus or a car can be used to share information related with vehicles.

- This list is endless.... 

And of course Widget is an abstract term to represent information digitally. So applications are not limited to sharing text, or picture. In fact Widget is an Application. It may include simple or complex logic for sharing data or let the user act on data. 

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Content Glass is developed and managed by Gilad Tiram. We are working hard to grow. 

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