Free to install

Content-Glass app is FREE to install on websites. The free installation includes:

1. Java Script that install Content Glass API on your website.

2. CG-Button app:  A Content Glass app for adding widgets to your websites.

3. Tickets based support. The support will be given based on capacity and according to company considerations and priorities. No online support or dedicated customer support is given in the free program.


Premium Service

Premium services are not referring to basic install and are relevant only for those website owners that choose to purchase additional add-on apps. This section is not relevant for basic installation and you can ignore it if all you need is the basic installation. 

What are add-on apps?

  • After installing Content-Glass you will see on application preferences dashboard an option to install various add-on apps
  • This is optional and is not part of the basic installation.  
  • Add-on apps are added value services/apps working on top of Content Glass  API that is running on your website after basic installation.
  • Some customers may have custom-made add-on apps developed for customer's specific needs. These custom-made apps are not shown for users, and there is a different method to define them. 
  • An example for general add-on app: Help-Glass, add interactive help on top of your website.
  • An example of custom-made add-on app: Electronic cards for dedicating a poem and short recorded video.

Price for add-on apps

The price for using all the add-ons is $9/month unless other price is mention. The price is inclusive meaning once you pay this price you can install one or more add-on apps, without need to pay addition fee. It may happen in the future that some add-on apps will not be part of this package. In that case this will be mentioned. 

The following automatic charging mechanism refer to installs arrived from Shopify store. In this case we will use Shopify payment API to apply charges. On the first time you install an Add-On app, we will create a $9 monthly charge on your Shopify account. The price will take effect after trial of 60 days. You can install more add-ons from the available add-ons apps, and not additional charge will be created. If you do not want to pay anymore simply uninstall all add-on apps and the charges will be canceled.  So, there is no need to uninstall the entire app, for canceling the charges, only uninstall all add-on apps. 

Other websites will be handled particularly, using PayPal recurring payment.


* Websites with high traffic may be required to pay additional prices due to additional IT demands. These specific cases will be negotiated between parties before any change in the program can be apply.