The following scripts can be used to install Content Glass Managed-Application on your website.

Managed-Application is CG app whos settings are managed from portal.  

Before you start you need to have managed-app defined on

For security reasons we do it manually for now, and you should therefore send smail request to I WANT MANAGED APP

Once you done paste the code in your website template.

If you are using a CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, etc') you can add this code in a block that allow pasting of javascript code. The actual block does not have any special view. It is only an embedded JavaScript, that will ass CG-Button to your website, depending on settings.


Script for Managed-App

<!-- set in HTML head -->
<!-- Put this script in the head section (can also be within body tag) -->
    * Environment settings for installing CG app of type CG-Button
    * Do not change these settings. 
    window.cgAsyncReady = function () {
            type: "basic-app",
            manifest_script: "/app_manifest.js",
            manifest_dom_path: "cg.CGButtonAppManifest",
            document_root: cg.CG_HOST + "/apps/web/website_tools/button",
            container: "#content-glass-button-wrapper",
             draggable: true
        }, function onAppLoad(application) {

</script> id="cg-api" async type='text/javascript'
	src="[YOUR DOMAIN]"></script>

What next

More detail about managed-app cab be found in managed-app user manual.

More details about using content-glass button can be found in web-client user manual

And if you need help or have more question you are welcome to contact