Content Glass Chrome plugin social tool let users share widgets on top of any website where Content Glass is allowed. The plugin let you choose between available applications. Each application is a little bit different and may include different widgets in its gallary. 

Installing the plugin is easy and fast. Simply load this page using Chrome browser, click here of click on the image from left and you will be presented with installation wizard. Installation take few seconds and after that you can start using the plugin on websites. 

Watch the video below to see how CG button application can be used. 



Some Notes: 

  • The plugin can be enable/disable for specifc websites. By default it is disabled so that when you want to enable, you check the Enable/Disable checkbox and refresh the page where you want to use the plugin. 
  • While many websites allow external code to by added, some websites may refuse to install external code - for example Facebook. On these websites the plugin can't run. 
  • The plugin update automatically whenever new version is deployed. 
  • This plugin can be used with Opera browser but you need to point opera to the local directory where plugin code is installed. 
  • To start the video click on the start button at the bottom oof player.