Tracking Glass framework use the inherent behavior of Content Glass to be able to use as a coordinator or mediator between Internet asset nodes in distributed systems. It is better explained by example: 

When you purchase product from a website abroad, or even if you just send simple letter, the "package" passes across multiple "systems" until it get to the end user (you). Each system (node) in the supply chain has its own computational infrastructure. Some systems are coordinated while other are not. When nodes are not coordinated, Content Glass can be used as a coordination layer. For example a widget with some information can be associate with package code, and each node in the chain, can read or write to the widget. This way tracking of package and sharing information in relation with package is possible regardless of previously existing on non-existing coordination between the multiple nodes involve in the supply chain. 

Tracking Glass is therefore a layer that allow sharing of information in association with "code" for all across distributed process.