Stamping Glass is a general term for describing Content Glass framework and features related with stamping of content.

By stamping of content the meaning is for using CG widgets in order to mark various type of contents or adding some signiture to the content. The marking can be used for various business purposes depending on the type of the mark.


  1. “Advertorial” – using widgets to mark advertorials, that can be used to increase reliability of publishing source (e.g. newspaper site)
  2. “Recommended by” - mark so product page as recommended by some authority. For example in the case of food, this can be recommended by ministry of health.


Stamp Widgets

Stamp Widgets are CG widgets that present some image – the stamp and refer to associate entities.  Basic features:

  • Presenting  image - the stamp
  • Show info for example the involving entities:
    • Stamper:  the entity that performed the stamping
    • Issuer: the entity that issue the presented stamp
    • Source: the source of content referred by this stamp
  • Public (in most of the cases)
  • Link to source, issuer, stamper profile
  • Recognition of semantic tags related with a content (in the case of web content). 


Stamping App

The stamping app is a CG app that present stamper user with a pallet of available stamps. The user can then select a stamp and set on a content page.