Installing Content Glass on Shopify web store is handled using managed-app for Shopify that can be found here:

When store admin install the application a script is embedded into store front, that load Content Glass API and render CG-Button. Using CG-Button visitors of the website can share widgets with each other. In addition the admin of the store can share widgets on two public layers:

- Public Page: widget is shared publicly in the scope of entire domain.

- Public domain: widgets is share scope of domain.


When installing Shopify app of Content Glass, a managed-app three entities are created on if not exist:

1. User account to represent the Shopfy store. The user is created with the name of the Shopify store and an email with reset-password is sent to store admin Email that can be used later to login the account and reset the password. 

2. Developer account entity is created in relation with new user account.  The developer account carry an API Key that is later used to classify widgets created on specific store.

3. Managed-App entity is created to represent the CG installation on related web store. The managed-app entity provide a GUI for setting application preferences and is set as related with new user account and new developer-account entities.

These three entities are the foundation for integrating with Content Glass services platform, and getting additional features from the platform, for example managing groups, having credentials for setting widget on public layers and more. 

After installation Store admin can access the preferences page as usual. The preferences will be edited on a portal page located on In addition, all the services which do not require special permissions, are becoming available to shop owner.

The image below shows a page similar to the page presented when installing the application on the first time:

Note that some services are FREE for limited beta period, however future use of these service may require some fee. In any case, there is NO NEED to provide billing info unless required upon notice. Any change in service policy will be given in advance, giving store admin the choice to upgrade to Premium level or stay on a more limited free level.