In the next link you can read about the latest updates of Content Glass platform: 

  • Relations Service
  • Server Widgets API
  • Improved P2P and Video Chat

as well as summary of 2015 activity. Click this link to read more:  http://www.contentglass.com/blog/latest-updates-summary-2015


Ideas for Content Glass apps

I would like to present you with three ideas I want to test with websites willing to be used as beta sites for these apps. These are general ideas that may be suitable with various websites. In case you find it interesting or want to discuss it in more details please contact me.


Search Glass - Extended Info widgets On Search Engine

This idea involves the creation of widget in association with search engine portal, for example google.com and using this widget to show customers, that uses CG Chrome plugin, an extended info on specific search terms which are relevant to products (or issues) provided by website.The widget is not public for all users, only inspected by a group of website customers. The purpose is showing an extended info for relevant user searches, that can also act as promotion and may lead customers back to the store.  The idea is not to show an ad but to provide some valuable info that extend the meaning that may be associated to search terms used by user. 

Markers Glass 

In this case you will set special widgets on your website (call Marker-Widget). These widgets are shown only on demand, and position on specific regions on your website where you want your customers to share their own data. This data can be for example a picture of some event where your product was used.  Customers suggestion can be examined and you can decide what widgets set by customer in the marked place to show and what to reject as well as the period of showing the data, or possibly using carousel made of items posted by few customers.     


Public Widgets associate with product page

Public Widgets are not permitted by the ordinary CG-Button but can be added into custom application. Public widget is a widget that can be viewed by all visitors.  The widget is created by website owner for the purpose of collaborating with visitors. For example it is possible to set a public widget for creating item reviews, FAQ of an item, Administrator notes, Special offers, Sales etc. Consider public widget as a widget that you can share with users of your websites, having complete control of the content and the measure of collaboration and data entry by visitors. 


Cross Site Sharing Widgets

The concept of cross site widgets is in its early design. The main idea is using ordinary widget and inline widgets (widgets implied from website DOM) in order to share content between two assets of the same provider. For example if a provider has two stores on two different platforms, a widget can be used to share with visitors, some section of the first store on the other store - of course as a Glass layer, without actually changing the code of the underline store.  More information will be provided in future notifications. 



Thank you for reading and happy new year.


Founder & CEO at Rhizome Networks