Markers Glass is a Content Glass framework and a technology that utilize Content Glass in order to manage interactive relation of offering/using places on top of internet asset, e.g. website, web application, mobile application etc’.

Markers Glass manage interactive relation between two parties:

  1. Owner of website (e.g. website owner)
  2. Customer that uses a place on the web asset.

Asset owner Role

The owner of web asset is interesting in leasing one or more places on its asset. To do that owner create special Marker widgets on the website. These widgets are intend to mark places where customers can apply for an application for publishing a content there.


Customer Role

The customer will use the marked places in order to public his/her own widgets. The customer wants to lease some places on the web asset of the Asset owner. For posting some Ad banner. Customer select marked place and apply for publishing content there. Once approved content will be presented given some "state" conditions. The leasing period is limited. After retiring from place or upon expiry of leasing period the customer will be billed according to previously agreed pricing model between the parties.