Managed App is a term that refer to application or plugin that integrate Content Glass with external platform. Some examples:

1. CG Shopify App 

2. CG Wodpress plugin

3. CG Drupal plugin


When installing manage-app plugin or ad-on, a new set of entities is created on Content Glass services platform that provide a way to classify shared data created by specific application, as well as connecting with added value services having manage-app admin credentials. 

For example, Shopify store admin that install CG Shopify App, is also connected by that with additional Content Glass services such as Dashboard, Groups manager, Managed widgets services and more. These services are managed and control from within services portal and are given in addition to the CG-Button installed by Shopify app on the store front.


Managed app has preferences page to control the preferences of installed Content Glass app. This preferences page is part of Content Glass services and can be managed from the Managed Apps page for a given account.  


The image below shows managed-apps page for a demo shopify web store: