In the following days I will integrate Content Glass Shopify App installed on your website into Content Glass services portal on www.contentglass.com. 

The Integration will allow website owners to enjoy Content Glass complementary services such as:

  • Managed widgets shared with customers on search engines and shopping networks
  • Groups
  • Widgets Dashboard
  • Developer resources
  • Sharing Relations 
  • More..


The Process:

As part of this integration:

  • An account will be created for your store on www.contentglass.com. This account let you access the preferences page as well as the other services that will be provided in the future.
  • The preferences of your installed app will be migrated into the new system
  • The user/password for your new account will be sent to you by Email. 

Once done you will be able to manage your application preferences from within www.contentglass.com. When you click the preferences link of the application you will be redirected to specific page on www.contentglass.com assigned to your managed application. If you are not logged-in you will have to log-in with the User/Parssword that will be sent to you.  Your account will also have access to additional services provided by services portal.


What do I need to do?

At ths point you do not need to take any special action. I will try to run the process in the background so you will see no special effect. If for some reason there wil be a need for re-installing the application I will let you know by Email. 


Is there any fee?

No. Managing your shopify app preferences page on www.contentglass.com has no fee. In addition, access to additional services is open. Part of the additional services may require some fee in the future, but these services are open for free for their beta period. There is no need to provide billing details.   


If you have any questions please ask me by Email or open a new Ticket



Gilad, CEO at Rhizome Networks LTD