Glass For Search (also call Glass4Search) is a Content Glass framework for sharing widgets in the context of search engine result pages (SERP). The SERP as a context for sharing content is a special case since users uses search words and phrases that can be used to compose the State Id for sharing CG widgets.

Search engine pages today have major part in Internet sociology. Users are using search pages as entry for accessing knowledge. The act searching is quite identified behavior and search engine providers make a continuous efforts to shape the search behavior and user experience on search pages in various ways. 

While search engine providers take care of the “access to data”, what Content Glass can bring into search user experience is meta-level of referring to the search activity itself.  The subject refer by Glass4Search is therefore the act of search in itself and the semantic relationships of searching user with search result.

Glass4Search is therefore not a new searching engine neither searching methodology. Glass4Search is CG framework for sharing in the context of search engine pages that provide an appended social sharing and user experience based on user’s search term and the resulted list of searched topics.