Content Glass Expert or in short Experts-Glass is an app of Content Glass Cloud.

The app provides sophisticated framework for building networks of experts around websites.

Audience for this app are either website owners or users that want to join the global experts network.


Experts are users that act directly on a website and may perform multiple activities - from guiding

and helping visitors, giving professional advice and up to selling products. 


Each expert can customize a facet of the website - a personalized version of the website that 

visitor see when collaborating with the expert. Experts-Glass is therefore a framework that

turn website from flat "data source" into multi dimensional data-source. 


Visitors of the website can choose among active experts. When expert is selected the visitor

will see expert's facet - the website in the way it was shaped by the expert. Visitors can use expert's facet

of the website as-is and/or get into live-session with the expert.

During a live-session the expert can help the visitor make some decision such as selecting a product from

a catalog, or possibly get some advice, support or other kind of help.


While some websites may open a voluntary experts-glass network,  other website may establish

contractual relation with experts - for example affiliation contract.


You can watch this video that demonstrate the initiative concept of Experts Glass: