Content Glass Frameworks refer to Content specific Glass applications and features that handle specific use cases of state Oriented Sharing. 

  • Experts Glass framework let casual visitors of Website to join experts network and provider help, advisory or consulting service to other visitors of the same website.
  • Markers Glass framework refer to application that allow websites owners (or app owners) to mark sections of a website where casual visitors can post theri own content.
  • Glass For Search framework refer to set of features for sharing on top of search engine pages in the context of search terms and provide an extended info related with search results.
  • Desktop Glass framework is a way for creating mini portals directly on a PC for the purpose of sharing personal and private information from resources located on the PC.
  • Stamping Glass is a feamework for marking web content with sharable stamps.
  • Theming Glass is a framework for create state oriented dynamic therms fr a website of app, that may change in accordance with user properties or application state.
  • Tracking Glass is a framework for unified sharing of information across distributed processes that involve multiple nodes that are not necessarily integrated with each other.