Content-Glass Cloud is a project name for long-term process of establishing a network of multiple CG apps that works in synergy with each other.  Each of these apps has a potential as standalone web service. Some of these apps were initially presented in Content Glass' patent application. Other was came up along the way. The common  for all of these apps is the use of Content Glass platform to implement a use-case of state-oriented-sharing methodology. In other words, all of these apps deals with a process of presenting and/or using contextual information given certain state (condition).

While this may sound a little bit abstract each of these apps below demonstrate a very concrete functionality. More details will be presented on this page soon. 

Content Glass Cloud Apps

  • CG Direct: smart & interactive landing pages for web-stores, business and individuals. 

  • CG Experts: Allow strata of experts on websites & apps, combined with social-network that match experts with websites, apps owners. This app is presented by CG patent application as Experts-Glass. 

  • CG Online: CG app for incoming phone call.

  • CG Tracking: Global tracking network. This app utilize the object-glass pattern presented by CG patent application.

  • CG Cards: Networking in the virtual domain. 

  • CG Groups: Sharing with interest groups on SERP & Web. This app join the notion of interest-groups and Glass-for-Search presented by CG patent app.

  • CG content-packages: CG technology for paid content

  • CG Ads: P2P advertising. This app will present an implementation of Markers-Glass as presented on CG patent app.

  • CG Events: Special widgets to share in events. This app demonstrate various use cases for the patterns of location-glass, place-glass and object-glass described by CG patent app.


The process

On the first phase for each app Rhizome Networks is planning to create a on the app. The prototype will be able to demonstrate app concepts and used with early adopters. 

On the second phase we aim to partnership with groups or business entities that would like to take a prototype of an app and bring it to market. 


Next Coming

Currently in progress "CG Direct"

If you are:

  • Store owner in one of these networks - Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, other , interesting in having direct-selling portal

  • Business owner wants an interactive landing-page to share with customers 

  • Individual that wants an interactive landing page to interact with contacts.

  • Wants to get in partnership for operating CG Direct.

and you would like to take part in the beta testing please contact gilad's mail.