Store Navigator is Content Glass add-on used by web store owners. The add-on let shop owner to create navigation widgets for their store based on a specified lists of pages. The navigator widget is looked like wind-rose with four directions, or possibly arrows set in the corners of screen. An advanced option exist that let you set your own HTML elements to trigger the navigator. 

When users use the navigator widget pages are scrolled from one to another, in a similar manner as of slide show. This unique scrolling provides end-users with the experience of continuity or travelling the store. 

The idea behind this application is to make store navigation a 'travel' in contrary to ordinary browsing of swapping pages. And since you can set the pattern of this 'travel' you can walk the users through the product pages that you think can sell best for some given situation.

Store admin can create multiple navigator widgets with different lists of pages and apply various navigator widgets to various pages.     
Navigator app is a Content-Glass add-on. It means that is running on top of Content Glass web client API so it assumes Content-Glass application to be installed. It it is not installed it will be installed as the first step of installing this application. 

To set navigator widgets store owner uses the navigators editor running on a store front. To enable the navigator wditr store admin should login to content Glass using the managed-app's user account assiged to the store upon first installation of Content Glass. In the case of Shopify store the user is the same as ssjopiy's store admin and the password is the password set by the user (e.g upob reseting the password after accont was created).

This tutorial assumens that add-on app was already installed. The next chapters will help store admin to go step by step in operations Stores Navigator add-on.