Product Bundles app offer an editor for creating bundle products. A bundle is collection of one or more product variants that you want to sell in discounted price when purchase together. For example a bundle may refer to camera and watch purchased on the same cart. Bundle is usually used in order to encourage users to buy multiple items for discounted price.

Merchant Perspective

Using the editor store admin actually define set of rules and the settings of bundle product. This include: 1. Essential bundle-product details: title, price and description. 2. Line item rules that define the collection of products referred as bundle. 3. Notification rules - set of shopping-cart conditions for invoking notifications during purchase process. For example if the bundle is made of 3 T-Shirts you can raise notification when user select 1 T-Shirt encouraging user to take two more items to eligible for bundle price. 4. Basic product image to show to user when swapping from line-items to bundles. When all the essential settings are made admin click a button for creating the product on Shopify. When all is set admin can test the bundle by adding items to the shopping-cart, check the notifications and test the swapping from multiple line-items into single bundle product.

Shopper Perspective

While adding items to the shopping-cart shopper will get notifications on the conditions set by admin. The notifications may involve action button for performing some operation such as adding specific item to the cart or maybe adding all the missing items to the cart. When shopping-cart is set with items (type and quantity) that match the defined bundle's line-item rules, user will usually be presented with a notification that offer to accepts a bundle. Accepting a bundle means that line items in the shopping cart are replaced by one single bundle-product that represent this collection of items. The bundle product will usually have a discounted price so that user can buy a collection of items for discounted price.

After Order

Assuming order has been made, store-admin will see the bundle product in the order instead of the actual items. It is now store owner responsibility to make sure all items are supplied based on bundle specification.

Add-On Requirements

Product Bundles is an Add-On running on top of Content-Glass web API and integrated with Content-Glass Services portal. Content-Glass web API is provided on client side using the Content-Glass app which is free and can be also used as stand-alone app. It means that when you install this app it will connect you with Content-Glass service portals where you can view Add-On app details, but also set preferences for the underline Content-Glass app. You can also install other Add-Ons from the services portal when will be available. And of course you can add your own custom-made add-ons, widget libraries and custom properties. Generally speaking Content-Glass services is a SaaS that is complementary to Content-Glass API libraries. In addition, since Content-Glass App provide the essential API for running Product-Bundles Add-On, when installing this Add-On if, Content-Glass app is not yet installed it will be installed. In such case, installation procedure involve two steps: In the first step you will be asked to install the Content-Glass App, and only then you will be asked to install Product-Bundles app. The installation of Content-Glass app is a technical procedure that allows the Add-On to run on top of CG API and integrated with CG services portal. And it is handled automatically so you don't require to do anything special. Content-Glass app is free so you don't need to worry about the price when installing it. When you install CG Add-On that requires some fee, you will pay only for the specific Add-On.

Usage and Access Control

Since Product Bundles is Content Glass Add-On it uses the views container provided by Content-Glass app. When app is running you will see a small Content Glass tab that let you open the main Content-Glass menu. On the main menu you will see a button labelled: "Product Bundles". Clicking this menu item will take you to the Product Bundles editor. Since bundles editor run on top of store-front and only the admin should see editor it is required to Login to Content Glass in order to be able to use the editor. Login is handled from within your store-front. There is no need to go somewhere else. On login page you need to use the user created for you at the moment of installation. This user is related with your store account on Content-Glass services portal, and it is used for accessing resources of Content-Glass app and Add-ons. The same user is used with various Content Glass apps and access rights are given to you when you install the apps. The user name is the shopify domain name. For example: giladtiram.myshopify.com The password is assigned to you on the first time you install Content-Glass app. You will see it in a notification message on the services-portal page of your app. Anyway you can always use the reset-password form here: https://www.contentglass.com/user/password to reset your password and get a new one. simple set you shopify store domain as username and request new password. If you do not get Emails from admin@contentglass.com check your spam blocker. Train your spam blocker to accept this email: admin@contentglass.com After login the editor will load your store products and then let you create the first bundle.


Description of Bundles Editor

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