January 2016

Content Glass Services 

On January 2016 Content Glass has made a significant step forward by establishing the foundation for Content Glass services, and accordingly star being able to present Content Glass as state-oriented data sharing solution platform for websites. 

Latest Updates + Summary Of 2015


In the last three months I worked on few significant features that will enable Content Glass to move forward.

Here is a summary of few of the added features. Below you will also find a summary of 2015.

Sharing Poem Writing App

In the last few weeks I have been working on Sharing Poem Writing Application. The poem-writing application was created specifically for noniades.myshopify.com in order to let an author of poems, Jeroni Vinyet  stand behind this web store, a way for sharing with audience the process of writing poems.You can watch the application live here: 

We are proud to launch CG-Button for Wordpress

We are proud to announce the launching of CG-Button for Wordpress CMS. CG-Button is a social-tool provided by Content Glass that let websites owners and Blogers an easy approach for installing CG API for web clients and therefore running our own provided Sharing Tool as well as  website owners apps (a feature for setting custom apps will be added soon). 

Business Partner Required

Dear friends

We at Rhizome Networks are looking now for business development partner for the purpose of raising funds for the Content Glass project.

Content Glass has an active pending patent process in the PCT stage, active development process with existing prototypes and initial versions, a long-term realistic vision, true innovative platform that presents new sharing methodology, true technological potential for solutions and apps that can be apply on various markets, and realistic freemium based business model.

E-commerce App

In the last one and a half months and ongoing we have been working on the Ecommerce application of content glass. The Ecommerce app is based on CG apps framework and present the user with limited set of widgets that has been adjusted to be used on Ecommerce websites, such as web stores and related sites.Aour current goal is to use this app as a prototype that shows how CG can be used to build solutions for ecommerce sites. 

On this conceptual app we emphasize the following points:

News - February 2015

On February 2015 we have focused on these issues: PCT, Preparing to launch, surgery room demo and experts-glass  prototype.