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On January 2016 Content Glass has made a significant step forward by establishing the foundation for Content Glass services, and accordingly star being able to present Content Glass as state-oriented data sharing solution platform for websites. 

Content Glass services is a set of cloud based SaaS features running on website. Customers get access to services by installing Content Glass on their website. The installation is managed in CG services platform as a managed-app entity. For example when Shopify store admin install Content Glass application for Shopify, user account, developer account and managed-app are created for the store domain. The new account and managed app are used as the foundation for integrating with the other CG services such as:

  • Dashboard that will present widgets created by CG installation on a website
  • Groups management from customers of the website (for example Shopify store customers )
  • Managed Widgets which are widgets created from the service portal (and not from CG Button client) and various implementations of this services, such as sharing with customers extra info on top of search engine pages.
  • Adding custom widgets libraries
  • Developer service for creating custom CG apps 
  • And more...

Currently only Shopify CG app is integrated as managed service. In the next step Worpress and Drupal CG plugins as well as other plugins that will be created in the future will also be integrated as managed-service, therefore providing standard platform for integrating with Content Glass. 

One of the major advantages of this move is the ability to offer Content Glass app as a entry point for integrating with the broad Content Glass platform. So instead of offering single sharing tool such as CG-Button, installing CG manage-app is in fact an integration with Content Glass services - therefore offering a solution that compose of:

  • Sharing tool installed on website
  • Services that work in SaaS  model and refer sharing information and actions for specific website.
  • Ability to add and manage custom widgets library that include widgets created specifically for a website
  • Ability to add and manage dedicated CG applications.


Website Homepage Updated

As part of presenting Content Glass services, the hompage on has been updated to reflect Content Glass as a platform that offer solution and developing state-oriented sharing solutions. Logo was also updated


Sharing Widgets On Public Layers

Making Shopify app a managed service allow adding user credentials based on logged-in user to Content Glass social account. Accordingly Shopify store admin can use CG-Button to create widgets that will be shared on public layers. public layers are Glass layers that allow sharing widgets with all visitor of a website. The ability to share widgets that can be seen by anyone is of course restricted to website owner.   


What next? Basically working on services and custom apps

  • Custom CG apps 
  • Managed widgets to share extra info with website customers on top of search engine (part of Glass4Search  framework)
  • Group management from relations created from website customers - so that Shopify store admin (for example) can create sharing groups from store customers , and manage widgets with specific groups.
  • Shopkeeper app






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