Our mission is building an awesome platform

Content Glass mission is divided into three synergetic parts:

  • Creating a great platform and API for developers. allows developers the creation of state oriented sharing apps and features.  
  • Creating a great services of data based on anonymous sharing events aggregated by content glass system. 
  • Creating a great built-in tools for end-users letting users the ability to share widgets in relation with objects states on various environments. 

Let me tell you Our Story

Rhizome Networks project started on 2008. These days the project was focused on creating virtual-workplace platform, to allow virtual teams to work together on digital products from the phase of idea and up to marketing and sales. The company launched its first prototype on the mid of 2010 but due to lack in funds project was avoided. 

Between 2010-2013 company was focused on developing sites and tools for Internet Marketing. During this period various ideas from the old virtual-workplace project has been purified and simplified into various prototypes that has turn with time into Content Glass platform.

On 22/2/2014 the company has submitted its first provisional patent application that was the first document with a comprehensive description of Content Glass as a State Oriented Sharing platform. During 2014 we have been working on creating our prototypes for Web environment and Android environment.

On 17/2/2015 the company has submitted its PCT patent application based on its previous provisional applications.

We are no focusing on three tasks:

  • Building strategic group of partners and looking for investment opportunities
  • Developing prototype for various use-cases based on our discussion with potential customers.
  • Perform alpha launch of our tools for end-users and developers.


We have a great Mission

Our mission is creating a great platform that will help our customers create great and innovative applications. We are planing to serve our knowledge of prototypes we are developing with our customers so they can take it and use it for launching commercial applications. We perceive ourselves as a platform company that share with the success of its customers. 


We work with Passion

We love our work and do all the efforts to improve. Our dreams for Content Glass are much more then we can handle using our current resources. Hopefully with time our team will grow. We just started...   


Here you can see some of our teammates working with passion

Gilad Tiram