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Dear customers. The support in Content Glass version-1 will be finished by the end of this month.

Following this decision, the application is not published anymore on Shopify apps store. 

By the end of April 2019 two more actions will take place:

1. Managed-App accounts on, created when you installed Shopify App will be deleted.

2. Application will be deleted from Shopify system.


Short updates about Content Glass.

New privacy policy 

Privacy policy was updated and improved. The new privacy policy can be fond here:


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Hello Content Glass community.


This is the first newsletter in a series of short "How To" newsletter guides. There are multiple options of using and interacting with Content Glass installed on your website, and I hope this series of newsletter will encourage you to try new things.

Dear Managed-App and CG-Button clients,


Due to maintenance work planed by hosting provider on which Content Glass API server is hosted we expect a downtime on  February 4th.

Downtime is estimated to Saturday, February 4th @ 9PM - 11PM EST | 2 hours.

During downtime Content Glass API will not be accessible and therefore:

1. In the case of managed-app (CG is installed on website) -  Content Glass button/tab will not appear on your website. This apply to  websites that installed the Shopify app and any other direct installation.

Dear customers,

This newsletter is target to users that installed the Content Glass app for Shopify. In the next few weeks I am going to launch two new Content Glass Add-on apps on Shopify.Content Glass customers that wants to participate the beta program should let me know in advance so I can configure that when installing the Add-On billing procedure will be applied on "test" mode (i.e. no actual payment will be applied).


As part of service improvement there will be Content Glass software update in the following hours: 11:30 15:30 UTC.  

During the update the will be a time in which CG apps and CG-Button chrome plugin will not work correctly due to changes perform applications settings file. 








In the following days I will integrate Content Glass Shopify App installed on your website into Content Glass services portal on 

The Integration will allow website owners to enjoy Content Glass complementary services such as:

  • Managed widgets shared with customers on search engines and shopping networks
  • Groups
  • Widgets Dashboard
  • Developer resources
  • Sharing Relations 
  • More..



In the next link you can read about the latest updates of Content Glass platform: 

  • Relations Service
  • Server Widgets API
  • Improved P2P and Video Chat

as well as summary of 2015 activity. Click this link to read more: