Content Glass as part of its vision aim to provide State Oriented Sharing platform from multiple environments in order to cover as much as possible situations and scenarios from human life. This includes desktops, mobile and wearable devices and in the future also controllers. 

When discussing environments one can distinguish between platforms (operation systems, programming language etc') and functional environments. For our purpose we refer to 'environment' in term of a nature of specific types or patterns of state oriented sharing apps. Web for example which is broad environment may include sub divisions of more specialized environments for whom we would like to contribute some more specialized patterns of State Oriented Sharing methodology.  Content Glass is intent to provide its API so it can be used on various platforms and for multiple environments

Here is a list of platforms and environments CG is planed to handle in the near and far future:

Platforms: Web programming, Androin, FirefoxOS, iOs, GM Tooltik , Tizen, Java, .C#, and other wearable and infotainment platforms. 


  • Website: for example installing CG-Button on various websites

  • eCommerce sites: We prepare special widgets library for this environment with aim to use it together with Expert-Glass

  • Advisory boards: candidate for Expert-Glass

  • Mobile apps: The main stream for Object GlassLocation Glass and Place glass patters (see FAQ about Glass Patterns)

  • Wearable apps: Sub section of mobile apps with special focus on using physical measurements as the sharing context. 

  • Vehicle Infotainment systems:  We plan to prepare special library of widgets and reference apps for shared oriented apps that can be used on car's infotainment systems.

  • Desktop: Especially in relation with Desktop Glass pattern.

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