Content Glass technology combines multiple software methodologies and algorithms which are all part of the Content Glass system and filed by Content Glass provisional and PCT patents.  

  1. State Oriented Sharing: This is the major methodology for sharing content as related with the state of objects and things (sharing-context). State oriented sharing mechanism combine both client-side techniques and server-side techniques in order to provide the platform and API for developing CG apps.   
  2. Search for Glass: A state-oriented-sharing technology for sharing widgets in the context of search engines. The technology also provide a mechnism for adding new semantics into search results by creating virtual-widgets made of grouping of previously found items.
  3. Experts Glass: This technology provide the means for ad hoc virtual consulting and/or advisory networks, using special CG widgets that allow offline and on-line collaboration between  users. 
  4. Device Glass: A technology for sharing resources directly from personal desktop or personal device using special type of widgets call Resource Proxy.
  5. Desktop Glass: this technology utilize Device Glass and provide provide special technique for creating interactive and collaborative mini-portals from resources located on the desktop.
  6. Computational SaaS: This technology will be used in the future to create SaaS like state oriented sharing apps in which personal information is not hold by the service itself but by facility that is under owner responsibility.  Content Glass use this technology to provide for example personal storage for widgets and personal ownership of data when interacting with services via Service Port widgets.
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