Content Glass platform provide the means for sharing content in the form of Widgets. Widgets are mini-application and can handle basic information such as text, image, video, iframe of other website but can also handle some logic that provide some interaction with the users that share the content. For example shared shopping list or chat widget. 

Content Glass provides various widgets on its social tools (see FAQ about social tools), and it also provides an API that let developers and service provides or application providers, create their own widgets and pack those widgets in libraries that can be loaded into Content Glass social tools.

Here are some examples of widgets:

  1. TextBox: simple text box for sharing plain text either offline or online (see FAQ about online Vs Offline sharing).
  2. Notes: styled notes for sharing simple text.
  3. IFrame: embedding iframe that show other website or web-app within the website on which CG is runnig.
  4. Shopping List: A widget for eCommerce for managing interactive shared list that can be used for bookmarking and/or transfer into cart.
  5. Chat: A widget with basic text, voice and video chat.
  6. Form connector: a widget that knows to attach with web-form, and allow sharing parties to fill the form together.
  7. Co-Browsing, Co-Reading etc': widgets that allow on-line experience of browsing, reading docs, watching slide-shows together in real-time. We call these widgets Connectors and these are of course small application that manage some interaction with and between the sharing peers.
  8. Expert Glass: a widget that when placed on a website it makes its owner an "expert" of Experts-Glass network in the context of website ir app. As expert user can receive queries answer those queries and get into interactive on-line session with other users that need some help, for example need to know what is the best product for them. As you can see this widget is an application in itself that function in conjunction with the broder Expert Glass application.

As you can see from thsi short list, then we talk about Content Glass Widgets we menas small-application that can have basic or complex functionality and are responsible for managing the data that is being shared.

For developers, Content Glass provide a platform for creating widgets that uses the Content Glass fraework for sharing and widgets management. In other words, developers can create their own widgets on top of content glass sharing platform and services. 

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