Social Tools are ready made applications provided by Content Glass based on Content Glass platform. Social tools capture various scenarios of State Oriented Sharing.  Content Glass currently have the following social tools and more are planed or in development but not exposed yet in the website:

Content Glass Button

Short name CG-Button. The button let user share widgets on top of website where button is installed. User can select among various widgets using the Widgets Selector view. The widgets presented in the gallery may include both,  widgets provided by Content Glass and custom widgets provided by external developers and service providers. Custom widgets libraries are installed automatically per website (or app) by internal mechanism that detect a special meta tag that declare a path for accessing manifest file. Content Glass button can be customized in various ways, and user can also select the theme for showing widgets. The button is currently available for websites using the Web Client library of CG, and is planed to be implemented for different environments as well where it may be embedded in views or apps by developers. For button to work on a website (or app) website owner need to install a small script of JavaScript (in the case of Web) that load the button and handle its rendering and functionality. You can see the button for Website on this website on the top right corner.


Content Glass Browser plugin

The browser plugin is similar to CG-Button however it provide the same functionality without Website owner need to install the button script. Instead users install the plugin on their browser and the plugin provide the same functionality, including the ability to detect custom libraries set for specific website by special meta tag. Using the plugin users can share widgets on top of websites and share the widgets with their friends.   


CG-Button bookmarklet

this tool is a bookmarklet that when clicked it inject Content Glass within thecurrently running web page. The injected script creates CG-Button as if presented when using a button that was installed directly, or as when using the browser plugin.  


Expert Glass

Expert glass is on-demand network of virtual advisory or consulting where users that wants to be in the role of "expert" can set a special widget on the website. The special widget is provided (for example) by CG-Button, when permitted by website. When the widget is set on the website it is connected with background system that makes this widget a proxy for communicating with other visitors of website that may request some help or need some advisory or consulting. Expert Glass involve another widget named ExpertsToolbar that is dynamically rendered on a website by setting special div (like this: <div cgExpertsToolbar="true"></div>). While Experts-Toolbar let users select among active experts and send queries to the network of experts, the Experts Glass widget handle the interaction between users that include both offline and/or on-line interaction. 

To summarize, social tools are State Oriented Sharing apps that can be extended. For example adding more widgets that can be used for collaboration by Expert-Glass on-line or offline session. Content Glass is planing to have more tools and/or extending current tools to different environments. 

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