Glass patterns refer to different types or behaviour pattern of state oriented sharing apps. This is not a scientific term, only something that try to wrap some general nature of an application. Here are some examples:

  1. Website Glass: State Oriented Sharing App (SOSA) the share content in the context of website and web domains, using the URL to produce the state Id of the context (the website).
  2. Object Glass: SOSA for sharing content in relation with objects and things that can be identified by some code or some representation of the object that can be formulated into code (for example indexed image of the object).
  3. Place Glass: this pattern is not other then object glass (or website glass) but it is related with sharing that occur in the context of some place. For example an automatic system in train that 'share' multilingual translations for automatic notifications and messages for passengers. Place Glass many time tend to have ad hoc dynamic peers group to represent the group of users currently in place.
  4. Location Glass: this pattern usually use or add the location info as another parameter used to compose the state-id of sharing context.    
  5. Application glass: this pattern refer to apps that uses the CG API internally so that application is combined with state oriented sharing capabilities.
  6. Device Glass: reffer to CG apps that uses the device-glass technology in order to provide sharing of resources directly from the desktop (or other personal device) 
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