Content Glass services are web based services given (usually on this website) on top and in relation with content glass content and apps. Most of the services are optional and Content Glass can be used without those services. However services provide high level of management shared content in relation with as asset (e.g, website). In additions some of the services provide functionality that utilize the content gathered by CG system in relation with an asset.  Some of the services are free other are not.

Some examples:

  1. Dashboard: Provide remote management of shared content for both users and providers (each audience has its own version). The dashboard provide for example the ability to delete multiple widgets from one central place or managing peers-groups.
  2. Analytics:  A service that provide aggregated statistical data based on content that was shared in relation with some application or some web asset. 
  3. Context Interaction: Set of services that deals with possible interaction between content shared by content glass and the underline context. On of the implementation is for example contextual ads for website, that provide the means for service personalized ads on website based on the content of widgets currently shared and viewed by a user. 
  4. Application manager: this service is used by developers to define and manage Content Glass applications.
  5. Markers Glass service: The backend service of markers-glass framework. The service manage the interaction between Advertisers and Publishers of the markers-glass framework.
  6. Experts glass Service: The backend service of Experts Glass  framework. The service is mainly deals with management of expert profiles and provide feature for locationg experts for a given category based on their previous rating. 
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