Content Glass widgets are the UI by which users share information with each other. The information can be shared in an offline or on-line mode. These mode are complementary to each other. Lets take an example. User set a TextBox widget for sharing some text and put his friend in the peers group for this widget. Both users are now able to see the TextBox when getting in the same website (or page, depends on scope). This is offline mode. Offline sharing assume that uses are no interconnect with each other in real-time. 

On-line sharing on the contrary assumes that users are interconnected in real-time with each other so that changes in the shared content are passed between peers in real-time. Let's go back to the TextBox, in the case of on-line sharing once one user change the text, the other will see the text changing in real-time. Lets see few more examples:

  1. Chat widget is maybe the most obvious case of on-line sharing.

  2. Reading PDF together - a widget can provide co reading experience. So both parties (or group of peers) can browse PDF pages at the same time. Let's put it in realistic Expert-Glass scenario , assuming expert glass is acting on a website that provide legal advice, then using the Co-reading a lawyer can browse a contract (saved as PDF) together with the the person that seek for advice, and explain to him/her the implications of different sections in the contract doc. 

  3. Form connector: how many time have you seen a web form and felt hopeless? With Form Connector widget you can get help from friend (or Advisor - Expert Glass)  and fill the web form together on-line. 

  4. Selecting products together: Assuming that two brothers want to prepare a birthday party to shared friend. With the Shopping-List widget (and possibly combined with Co-Browsing) they can visit a web store and prepare a list of items they would like to buy. The list is shared both off-line and on-line so they can both build the list on-line, and leave it to another friend, currently offline to add items or change the list. Once list is ready one of them can sent it to shopping cart. 

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