No, on the contrary. By default all widgets created with CG button are not public so that it will not be used as spamming tool. By default a widget can be shared only by closed group of peers. There are few exceptions:

1. Website admin of website where CG is installed can get a permission that let them make widget public. Once having this permission the admin can move the widget to public layer, which actually make the widget shared in public.

2. There is a feature call Interest group that let group subscribers share widgets in public but only among them. It means that only subscribers of the group will see the widget.Group subscribes can share widgets also without having a contact/connection relation between them. Interest groups are created only for special cases, for example websites where CG is installed can have interest group. Another example are the groups deals with sensitivity to some type of food, that let users share their self-experience with dishes served in restaurant. In the future shared-widgets will also combine the features of Glass-For-Search that let group members share widgets  in corresponding with search term on search engine pages (e.g.

3. Custom applications can set widget as public where the application is installed. For example the share-poem application, that let users watch live (or offline) the process of creating poems, set the widget you create on the sharing board as public. This is why users go to share-poem page can see the widget and do not need to log-in.

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