Content Glass is a pending patent State Oriented Sharing platform that provide:
1. Sharing tools
2. API for developers
3. Added value services.

The CG platform is developed by Rhizome Networks LTD and you can read more about this platform by visiting our website.

Installing Content Glass module on your website provide the following advantages:
1. Exposing CG sharing tools to visitors of your website

2. Creating your own widgets or even your own CG app and run on your website

3. Having applications framework on your website that can be used for running in-house of third party tools in the form of CG Widgets that extend your website without you need to change anything in the code of your website.

4. Having the ability of dynamic state-oriented customization of website presence.

State Oriented Sharing is a sharing paradigm in which content in the form of widgets is shared in relation with defined state of objects and things - that may include both: virtual, physical or even physiological objects and states. For example a widget can be shared with peers-group as related with specific URL. In this case the website is the "object" and the "url" represent a state of the object. The same principle can be applied to the physical world too, for example a widget can be shared as related with product using the barcode as the state. A widget can be shared using location properties as a state.
Content Glass platform provide multiple APIs for creating State Oriented Sharing apps. In this case we are using the Web API to let you run your own CG apps on your website or sharing-tools we provide for various environments and cases.


  • Modern web browser with support for ECMAScript 5.1 JavaScript 1.8.5. and higher
  • P2P functionality is supported on latest Chrome, Opera  and Firefox
  • CG uses JQuery-UI technology and style. Some websites may require to add extra CSS rules through 3'rd pary glass manifest in order to fix styling issuescaused by website override on basic jquery-UI css rules.  

Known problems

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