Theming Glass framework is based on a similar concept presented by Personalization Widget by which Content Glass is used for sharing a personalization settings among friends. Theming glass in intend to provide a more comprehensive approach for dynamically change the theme of a website in accordance with user state and/or contextual properties - state Oriented Theming. 

Theming glass involve two multiple approaches for customizing the appearance of a website in accordance with user/state properties. 

State Oriented CSS Settings 

This is the approach used by Personalization Widget. This approach allow the creation of set of CSS rules that affect website aperace.

Layer based widgets 

These are the widgets as created by CG-Button, meaning a widget that is layered on top of a website. Theming glass let website admin set widgets and associate these widgets with various conditions that determine and and how widget will be presented.

InCode Widget

These widgets are not added on top of webpage, but implied from the DOM elements of the webpage. The Web admin can mark elements in the HTML structure (that is why it is call 'InCode') as widgets. Marking elements as widgets let Content Glass apply state-oriented-sharing logic directly on DOM elements.