To share a widget you need to add peer to widget's peers group or relate the widget with a group (for example interest group). To keep things simple we will only focus on adding new peer. To add a new peer you will first have to login to at least one social-network as explained before. In addition you will have to create a widget as explained by previous chapter.

Sharing the widget is easy. Select the "share" item from widget menu to open the sharing view:

In this view you select

1. The network to get users from

2. The peer to add to widget

Once you click the "Add to widget" button the selected peer will be added to the widget. The widget is now available for selected peer given that peer encounter the same "state". As explained before, for CG-Button the "state" refer to the URL of the page. We will show later how this can be changed.

In addition the other peer will get Email (when possible) that notify for the shared widget:


Now when visiting the same web page, and given that other peer login with the same account that was used for sharing, the other peer will be able to see the widget (offline sharing) and in many of the cases also share data in live so that change to widget performed by peer is reflected to other parties currently holding the peer open.

It is not always possible for content-glass to send invitation Emails. There are cases in which peer details does not contain Email or that email is prohibited from other peer's information as part of social-network privacy policy. Accordingly it is possible to to get the invitation link and send it manually. In addition you can trigger another invitation email.  To do that you should go to "peers" tab and hover with mouse on the line of the invited peer. This will expose operation links.

See the image:

 Send invitation manually


The next chapter describe the process of accepting invitation of shared widget,