Before we continue to description of managed-app views and settings lets summarize what happen so far:

  • Shopify website admin found and installed Content Glass app.
  • The installation on procedure created on content glass services portal few internal entities:
    • User was created for the store. The user was set with Shopify domain as the name and the store Email as the email. 
    • Notification message was sent to user about the new account (in the case of re-install the user account already exist so no notification is sent.) 
    • Developer account entity was created for the store. This account include key that will be used from no own for the interaction between Content Glass installed on the server-side API. In addition developer-account provides some measure of controlling the application. (it will be discussed in developer-accounts user manual)
    • Managed-App entity was created for the store. Managed app entity provide the management of settings we will soon discuss. 
    • Content Glass laoding script was installed on Shopify store. This script is responsible for loading and running CG-Button application on Shopify store.
  • The entities and resources above was created automatically, and user intervention was not required. 
  • Finally user was redirected to managed-app portal page.


To edit the application user need to click the Edit tab. The general settings tab is presented:


Select Application: managed-app is come pre-installed with few applications. Usually these are variations of CG-Button app but with different set of widgets.

  • The General button app include multiple libraries of widgets. Not all of these widgets are necessarily required fro e-commerce environment.
  • This is why we created the eCommerce Button app. This app is a variation of CG-Button with limited list of widgets.
  • The headless button allow CG to run in the background without whowing UI. It may be used with advanced implementations of Add-ons currently out of scope. 

Application Status: Using the status dropdown you can uninstall/instal the Content Glass script from your website without have to uninstall the entire Shopify applction. For example if your store is not open yet and you do not want to expose the button you can change the status to "Uninstalled". This will trigger internal process that uninstall the CG script from your website. However it does not remove any other managed-app resources. Simply detach Content Glass script from your website.  

Button Orientation: This dropdown let you choose how to present CG-Button on your website. You may set it as sidebar tab or as floating button. 

Button Label: In this field you can set the the label to show on Content Glass button. 

Button Style: In this field you can set basic CSS rules that will be applied to CG-Button tab or floating button element. Usually this will be used to set an initial position of a tab or button. For example suppose you have more tabs on the sidebar. You can tune Content Glass position as shown in the example specified by this field help.

UI Style: In this field store owner can determine the default UI style of CG-Button. User can later override the default with their own preferences. Refer to this chapter in web client user manual for more details.  


If you change some settings you need to click the "Save" button for settings to save.