Dear Managed-App and CG-Button clients,


Due to maintenance work planed by hosting provider on which Content Glass API server is hosted we expect a downtime on  February 4th.

Downtime is estimated to Saturday, February 4th @ 9PM - 11PM EST | 2 hours.

During downtime Content Glass API will not be accessible and therefore:

1. In the case of managed-app (CG is installed on website) -  Content Glass button/tab will not appear on your website. This apply to  websites that installed the Shopify app and any other direct installation.

2. In the case of end-users that uses Chrome plugin - CG-Button will not be loaded

Once maintenance done the servers will be started and API is expected to work again. 

There is no need to take any action on your side.   

For managed-app admin specifically: During downtime you should avoid perform changes to application preferences since these preferences will not be able to sync the changes with Content Glass API. In case you did some change during maintenance, you will have to get into preferences page again after maintenance time and click the save button again. This will re-sync your latest settings with CG API server.


Best regards,

Gilad Tiram

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