Login to social-network is required in order to be able to share widgets. You can created widget also without login first but the widget will be stored only locally and will not be shared. So to share a widget you should first login. 

Click the CG-Button tab (or menu button) and open the main menu. Click the login button to open the login view:

The login view is open:

You can login either one of your social-networks or choose Content Glass social network that will provide you with the most advanced sharing functionality. You wil be able to register Content Glass network directly from the client app so there is no need at this time visit contentglass.com website. As a member of content glass social network you will be able to use various content glass services, participate interest groups and create new relations easily by sharing with users with whome you don't have an aprior relation. These things are not avaialble with other social accounts. 

Note: Managed-App admin users that instlled Content Glass app on their website (e.g. Shopify's store owner), already have a client on content-glass social network. They can use this user to share widgets and there is no need for addition user. 

Note: If you prefer to share with other social account than content-glass it is recommand not to start with Facebook since it requires extra settings that may mislead new users. Instead you can choose for example Google or Google+ login. 

Here is an example of login and registration pages of content-glass social network. As you can see the registration is easy and does not requires you to leave the application:





Here is an example of login page for 3-rd party network. In ths case Instagram. Note that the login view is opened in a popup windows. This is due to the nature of login to the external network that requires to actual login to occur on the social-network servers instead of on the client itself (OAuth). In other words when you login to external social-network that uses the OAuth methodology, the login details you provide are not handled by Content Glass nither avaialbe to Content Glass. Instead, these details are set on the 3'rd party client view, and once login is accomplished Content Glass servers receive a social token that is then used with 3'rd party API to access your accountr details and bring contacts and frinds info so you can share widget with these peers (as we will see soon).

Note that en you connect with 3'rd party network you can click the refresh button for the account status to change to "connected". 



In the next chapter we will create widget and later we will share the widget with relations from Content Glass social-network, both existing relation and on-the fly created relation.