Creating relations on the fly feature is available only when connecting with content-glass social network account. The idea is very simple: Assuming you would like to share a widget with some user. Use the email of this user to add a peer with widget's peers-group and assuming that you are not in relation yet, a relation will be created automatically between you and this user. Using this relation it will be possible for the invited peer to accept your invitation and view the shared widget.

We call this "Relation on the fly" because there is no preassumption or previous relation between inviting and invited peer. In addition there is no preassumption of content-glass account. All the required resources are created on the fly. Here is a summary of the procedure:

1. User create widget and sharwe the widget with new relation, using email address of the other peer.

2. Invitation email is sent to the invited user (see below). (It means you MUST use valid email.) . It is also possible to send invitation link directly as explaind by previous chapters.

3. The invitated user click the invitation link and this will trigger the process for creating the relation.

4. We check according to Eamil address of invited peer if an account is already set for this user in Content Glass network.

5. Assuming account was not set - we create new account using the Email as userame. The user will get a notification for new account being created (see below).

6. given that invitated user has an account on Content Glass we will create a new relation between inviting and invited user. The relation is bi-directional meaning that it can be used later by both sides to share with each other. Once relation is created user will get Eamil notification about the new relation (see below). 

7. At this point accepting the invitation continue as when relation already exist - a dialog is presented and clicking the dialog ask the user to login into content-glass. Upon login the shared widget will be loaded and presented. 

To summarize, the relation procedure is handled internally be content-glass as response to adding new relation peer to widget.

First add peer to widget by creating new relation: 

Add new relation peer to widget

The new peer is added to the widget's peers-group. From perspective of inviting user this is like adding any other peer.

New relation peer was added to peers-group


The invited peer get Email with invitation link. This email include special note that is presented in the case of new relation:

Invitation email with note about new relation


Assuming that user clicked the invitaton link set in the Email new account is created and user is notified. In addition new relation is created and user is notified:

New account email


New Relation Email


The next step is to continue as in the case of any other invitation:

Confirm Invitation Dialog for newly created relation


Note: In the case of new account it is importent to check the login details and especially auto generated password. It is required to use these details in order to login content-glass social network. It is recomanded (altough not mandatory) that you will open your user account on and update your password.