Short updates about Content Glass.

New privacy policy 

Privacy policy was updated and improved. The new privacy policy can be fond here: https://www.contentglass.com/privacy


Cookies-Notice widget

A a new cool widget was created to help website owners to show the 'cookies notice' popup on their website. This is the popup you frequently see when entering a website that say "We use cookies .... read more" . To see an example visit www.contentglass.com, and you will see the cookies-notice popup on the bottom.

Widget is highly customizable as explained in admin-guide doc. The widget can only be used by managed-app admin users, i.e. users that install Content-Glass on their website, either directly or via Shopify app.  Since no automatic installation of managed-app is currently available, beside for Shopify, web admins that want to install CG on their website, should contact by email, as explained on installation doc.



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