CG-?button chrome plugin

CG-Button is a CG app developed on top of CG Client API for web. It is loaded using the built-in application framework, show views using the built-in views framework and share widgets using the built-in Contet-Glass state-oriented-sharing engine. 

  • CG-Button let users share widgets with peers.
  • CG-Button managed-app clients (webadmin that install Content Glass in their side as managed-app) the ability to share widgets all uses (see chapter on public layers).
  • CG-Button enable add-on apps to connect and provide extended functionality.
  • CG-Button expose mechanism presents galleries of widget libraries and more libraries  that can be extended by add-on apps.
  • CG-Button use views to customize and manage client behavior.
  • CG-Button is used as the container for running add-ons for specific tasks for example Store Naviator and Product Bundles

When CG-Button is installed on a website it can be presented either as floating-button or as sid-bar tab. When running from browser plugin it will be presented as floating button. Clicking the button will open either widgets-selector view or the primary menu (depending on case) . 

The next chapters explain about the main features user need to know when working with CG-Button.