The scope view is required only if you want to limit the scope of navigator for specific pages.

In this view you can set rules that determine if navigator is presented or not on specific pages. 

Note that settings you set in this page are applied to currently edited navigator widget. 

You can select to set either "include" or "exclude" list. The include list when selected will specify all the pages on which navigator should presented. The exclude list if selected will specify all the pages on which navigator should not be presented. 

Rules are set by separate lines of full paths and/or regular expression. Regular expression is a convention for detecting appearance of some pattern within tested text.

For example  the token ".*" means zero or more characters. The pattern ".*camera" means some string that include the word camera either as start,end or middle of string. 

Accordingly if you set regular expression looks like this "/products/.*camera" then each page URL that starts with '/products/' and include the word 'camera' will raise positive Regular Expression search result. When some page is detected as positive with corresponding to either "Include" or "Exclude" list of pages, a filter si applied for this page. So if for example you set this pattern in the include list, than navigator will only be presented on product pages where the word 'camera' appears in the URL.

As you can see, using the token ".*" without knowing any other syntax is already very useful to cover many cases. Of course, for more complex patterns you will first have to be familiar with Regular Expression concepts before using the simulator for testing. 

Since Regular Expression tutorials tends to be 'heavy' to read and understand you can use simple simulator for fast testing if your patterns. A link to the simulator is provided on the view.  

Check this link for tutorial: Regular Expression Tutorial . You can find many more tutorials on the web.


* If you keep the list empty then include/exclude filters are not apply.