The algorithems views is where you set the selected list of product pages for each of the movement directions supported by store navigator.

Currently there are four direction you can scroll: North, South, East, West. So you sould set for each direction the type of list that will be used for feathing the 'next page to show'

As you can see from the image below there are three type of lists actually controlled by you Shopify store. These are:

  • Catalog order
  • Custom Collections - manually created collections. 
  • Smart Collections  - dynamically created collections.

In addition there is currently one algorithm that you may customize by this editor:

  • User lists.  (It may include duplicate items so it is not the same as custom-collection.)

The table below show summary of settings for this view.



Type Description
General Refer to the general collection of the products in the store.
Custom Collection This refer to custom collections you created in Shopify. Custom collection is a collection created manually by selecting products.
Smart collection This refer to smart collections you created in Shopify. Smart collection is a collection created automatically according to some criterion.
User lists Refer to list of products you create on navigator view. List does not limit you to single instance of a product (as custom-collection) and also let you specify preferred variant.