The notification rules panel let you create various notifications to show popup or CG widgets to users on various situations.


Product Bundles has two types of notifcations:

1. Match notification: Notification that is invoked when there is a match between the line-item rules and the line-items in the shopping cart.

2. Line Item notification: Notification that is invoked  when line-items in shopping-cart match some predefined condition set for notification. 


The components of notification are:

1. Vidual: either text, video,  custom HTML or CG-Widget

2. Condition: The condition(s) for notification to trigger

3. Action: Optional action to perform for example - "add missing item" to achieve match with product bundle rules.


The visual component can be of few types:

1. Text: present text to user

2. Video: present video to user. Either your own recording or some other video you are permitted to show on your store. Note: you should not use videos you are not permitted to show on your store. 

3. Custom HTML: A content made of custom HTML code you provide.

4. CG-Widget: A CG-Widget that is presented to user when notification is triggered. 


Notification Condition

A line-item notification is trigerred based on the shopping-cart state. Product Bundle widgets are loaded in the background and monitor the state of shopping-cart. When match is found between shopping-cart items and notification conditions, a notification is triggered. If full match is found the Match notification will be triggered.  


Notification Action

It is optional for notification to define an action that is bind with a button shown by notification popup. The purpose of the action is to trigger some automatic operation such as add/remove item to/from shopping-cart, add all missing items to create match with bundle rules, or go-to some page. When you create a notification with custom HTML code you should mark a button with class "notification-action" if you want that clicking the button will trigger an action. 












Widget Notification

Widget notification is a little bit different than other types since it combines between product-bundles notification engine and Content Glass state oriented sharing, for showing a widget on some condition. For example you can use it t present some image banner given some condition. In order to connect a notification to widget you need to set the widget Id in the notification settings. To get the widget Id you should first create the CG-Widget you want to present. You do this from CG-Button's widgets selector view. Once widget has been created you can use the menu button to access the "About" view of thsi widget. On this view you can see the Widget Id. Select the widget-id text and copy to clipboard (CTRL+C). Then copy this Id in the corresponding field of notification settings.