We are proud to announce the launching of CG-Button for Wordpress CMS. CG-Button is a social-tool provided by Content Glass that let websites owners and Blogers an easy approach for installing CG API for web clients and therefore running our own provided Sharing Tool as well as  website owners apps (a feature for setting custom apps will be added soon). 

Content Glass is an API for presenting layers of information on top of web assets in relation with identified states. We call this practice, state-Oriented-Sharing. CG state can be defined by multiple dimensions and running multiple layers of information, each layer represent some state on a underline context. For example, the most simple case - page URL is a state. 
In addition to sharing functionality CG is an application framework so that once CG API is running on a website it can be used to run CG applications, and each application has its own logic of using the Glass engine, as well as its own set of widget libraries. CG-Button is in face ready-made CG application that you can run using this plugin.

With CG-Button users of a website can share widgets with their own peers-groups, made of available contacts fetched from user's own social-account (example, Google account, Facebook, Twitter... or some custom social-account).
CG-Button app provide the most basic state-oriented functionality meaning sharing widgets in relation with page URL, website domain or a TLD. 

When widget is shared by user it is registered on CG system that makes the widget available to be watched by others users with whom widget has been shared, once these users login to the account specified in the peers-group of the widget. For example, if you share a TextBox widget with your friends using friend's Google account (gmail address), then this friend will be able to watch the shared TextBox and also write some text, upon login to related Google account using the Social Accounts view provided by CG button UI.

The initial version of CB-Button is equip with two CG applications a website owner can select from. One of the apps is the general CG-Button and the second app is E-commerce button, that also include a support for the prototype of Experts-Glass. 
With Experts-Glass visitors of a website are able to dynamically join themselves into experts-network related with a website and start getting queries from other visitors for the purpose of providing help or consulting as related with the subject matter of a website. This model of consulting can also be combined with affiliation, and other compensation models. Of course in the final version, website owner will be able to allow or block the use of compensation models, but for now it is open.  

When experts-network exist on a website a special widget Experts-Toolbar will be presented. This widget is set on a public CG layer so it can be inspected by all users, without any need to login to any social-account. Using this widget visitors can perform the initial interaction with experts. If a closer collaboration is required visitor can connect with an expert and start a session. When session is active both sides will see a special widget call Expert-Dashboard. The widget persist until it is deleted by one of the parties, so a session can continue in an offline mode of sharing or can be come back to later. 

Expert-Dashboard uses P2P connection (on supporting browsers) and allow in features like co-browsing, co-reading and helping with filling forms. In fact with some configuration and programming it is possible to set custom made dashboard for some specific website. We can help you do that if there is such a need. 

Note that Experts-Glass is still in a prototype phase and its features as well as its dashboard widgets are still under active development. However, if you decide that you want expert-glass on your website, please contact us and we will cooperate with you in the case that some adjustments are required.

Some words about programming. CG is is not ending by having out of the box social-tool (CG-Button). Content Glass is a platform designed to be used by developers and web assets service providers. It lets you write your own custom widgets, pack widgets in a library and declare the library by setting special meta tags on your website. When CB-Button or other CG app is loaded it recognize the meta tags and add the custom widgets library. In simple words, CG-Button can be extended by your's widgets or by someone else widgets. 
And yet this is not ending by that, if you want to go further you can write your own CG application. This provide you a full flexibility of controlling the glass engine so you can add more layers of information and define the sharing state by multiple dimensions. Developers practice requires more explanation and training, and we will do our best efforts to add this information on <a href="http://developers.contentglass.com">developers.contentglass.com</a> .
And of course you can find general information about Content Glass on our website <a href="http://www.contentglass.com">www.contentglass.com</a> .

finally a last word about Content Glass project status - we are aware that many features are far from completion and require more work. That is why your feedback is very welcome. We hope to be able to raise an investment soon that will us bringing this platform much higher then we currently can do with our small team. In case you want to give a feedback you can use the <a href="http://www.contentglass.com/contact">contact</a> from on our website or in the case of Bug or feature request you can submit an issue on our <a href="http://contentglass.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issues">YouTrack</a> service (you need to login as Guest). 

Thank you for reading.


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Hi, my name is Gilad Tiram and I am the founder and CEO of Rhizome Networks LTD. You can contact me for any question regarding this platform and I would love to explaing and help in any issue. 

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