On February 2015 we have focused on these issues: PCT, Preparing to launch, surgery room demo and experts-glass  prototype.

PCT patent application  

On Feb 17 2015 we filed our PCT patent application. The application was edited by Fogel IP patents office based on our our previous two provisional applications. We have decided to go to PCT following our strategy of making the patents included in Content Glass technology multinational. We are now expecting for the PCT report. Lots of days has been invested in patent application and issuing the PCT is a major step in the evolvement of Content Glass technology. Perceiving patents as a major part of our strategy, we are now looking for partners that will join and help us to carry the costs of issuing national patents derived from our PCT.


Preparing to Launch

During this month and the following month we are investing lots of our efforts in preparing for launching Content Glass platform. This include lots of QA work, many fixes, improvements of GUI and websites, and closing the gaps in the apps that will be used as our distribution channels for both, end users and developers:

  • Shopify App
  • Drupal Plugin
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Chrome plugin 
  • Bookmarklet

We are planing to start with passive marketing in the next coming weeks. 


Surgery Room Demo

As part of strategy we are making lots of efforts to find use-cases of Market/Product match. And then developing demos for these use-cases. One of these use-cases s the the surgery-room application that represent a way of using Content Glass API for creating State Oriented  guiding systems. The surgery room application demonstrate a situation of showing surgeons guiding instructions during surgery operation, based on the the current patient state. Our demo provide with three views:

  • A view for defining stats based on single measurement or a combination of measurements taken from patient. These states represent possible states for which we would like to provide a real-time guiding instructions during surgery. 
  • A view for assigning Content Glass widgets to the various states. In this view user select one of the predefined states, and then assign one or more widgets. Widgets are stored by CG and become available for being exposed when state is set into the Glass engine. 
  • A view for simulating patient measurements. When a combination of measurements match a predefined state, the previously shared widgets are exposed. In addition the application pushes the widgets into Mirror API  which is an API for creating Google Glass application. A small popup window on the app shows the information that is expected to be presented on Google Glass.     


Expert Glass

We are now putting our major focus on preparing a demo with Experts Glass. Experts glass is pending patent CG technology that allow voluntary creation of experts networks on top of websites. By saying "voluntary" me means that end-users are able to create experts-communities independently of website owners. In many cases however we assume that some interaction will occur, for example by offering some incentive to experts for helping others on a website.  Experts Glass can be used on websites where individual users may require some help or advice. For example on E-commerce websites or on advisory board websites. 

With Experts-Glass end-users can start a session with available experts either by sending queries, or in a more advanced mode, by starting an online session with an expert using Collaboration Dashboard. 


New Website

Finally, as part of our preparations for launching and hopefully servicing some customers we took some time to replace our main website - this website. Our old website will be used for developers and services and hopefully will be updated soon with new theme. The old website can be found here: developers.contentglass.com  








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