In the last one and a half months and ongoing we have been working on the Ecommerce application of content glass. The Ecommerce app is based on CG apps framework and present the user with limited set of widgets that has been adjusted to be used on Ecommerce websites, such as web stores and related sites.Aour current goal is to use this app as a prototype that shows how CG can be used to build solutions for ecommerce sites. 

On this conceptual app we emphasize the following points:

1. Using Content Glass widgets as a way to provide shoppers with state oriented sharing and collaboration functionality

2. Presenting Experts-Glass as a concept for driving sales by ad hoc dynamically created networks of experts to the subject. Experts may act either voluntarily or with an involvement in some compensation program such as affiliate or having the ability to distribute discount coupons. 

3. Using Content Glass as complementary approach for contacting with website delegates such as support, billing, marketing etc. This will include bi directional contact - a way for sharing widgets with the website teams (there are only be seen by the owner and the team) and a way for team to share  notifications or any other widgets with the public (for example billing may share some important notification or event a discount code with the public).

4. Using Content Glass as a platform for generating apps to the websites in the form if widgets. For example using the Widgets technology to create shopping tools. This may combine in-house and/or third party widget libraries. The idea is that once CG has been installed (or used with plugin) it is possible to add apps and content to the website without actually touching the website code base is a critical need in large websites. Exactly as it sound - adding functionality on top of website without changing the website itself.

5. Using Content Glass as a platform for creating apps for a website. This refer to apps which are more then just a widget that can be presented to user - for example our Ecommerce app is an example of application that can be created. App include manifest, defined layers of widgets, defined libraries of widgets, defined library of management views and more. 


Our work on the Ecommerce app and its fascinating features is only at its beginning however it is already possible to install the plugin and try it. The plugin let you select between the general button app that includes a broader set of widgets, and the Ecommerce app that include currently only a selected set of widgets. In the coming month we will add missing features for our phase1, adjust the presentation to look fine and adding site-specific support when required on famous Ecommerce sites.  


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Hi, my name is Gilad Tiram and I am the founder and CEO of Rhizome Networks LTD. You can contact me for any question regarding this platform and I would love to explaing and help in any issue. 


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