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We at Rhizome Networks are looking now for business development partner for the purpose of raising funds for the Content Glass project.

Content Glass has an active pending patent process in the PCT stage, active development process with existing prototypes and initial versions, a long-term realistic vision, true innovative platform that presents new sharing methodology, true technological potential for solutions and apps that can be apply on various markets, and realistic freemium based business model.

As part of launching process taken place these days on various channels, part of them cloud based and other through contacts abroad, we are now looking for our first investment.

The funds are intend to open marketing channels and generate broad awareness to the platform, establish the appropriate R&D team for supporting such kind of platform and in the longer period provide the required resources for submitting national patent applications based on current PCT file. 

To help with this process we are looking for partners with the appropriate networking for accessing the appropriate investors for such kind of platform and vision, and are capable of making investment occur. The compensation can be based on success fee, options or other way as will be negotiated. 

If you know someone that you think may be suitable for that task please share with him/her this post and refer him/her to my email:


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi, my name is Gilad Tiram and I am the founder and CEO of Rhizome Networks LTD. You can contact me for any question regarding this platform and I would love to explaing and help in any issue. 

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